Elon Musk launches the Twitter View Count function.

While Twitter is currently undergoing numerous contentious changes, the social media behemoth is also developing a number of new user-friendly functionalities. Elon Musk recently unveiled a new Twitter feature that allowed users to view the number of times their tweets have been seen. The feature, dubbed View Count, has begun to be released by Musk.

The View Count function, according to The Twitter Chief, would demonstrate to users “how much more alive Twitter is than it may seem.” He meant by suggesting that Twitter users might get a sense of how many people were reading posts on the microblogging service. Users who observe how many views a popular tweet has gotten will have a favourable opinion of Twitter.

Musk contends that View Count will provide more information on the level of interaction a message receives because the majority of Twitter users (over 90%, in Musk’s estimation) do not participate in publicly visible behaviours on the network, such as liking, retweeting, and replying.

The earlier method, in contrast, allowed authors to see how many people had viewed their tweets. On the other hand, View Count allows each and every Twitter user to view the total number of impressions a tweet has received. View Count is now on the left side, but Musk has started a Twitter poll asking fans if they think it should be moved to the right side or stay where it is.

Twitter has introduced a new Blue subscription for businesses in addition to the View Count feature. However, following its implementation, the business had to retract a new promotion policy due to user backlash. As a result, Elon Musk asked Twitter followers if they thought he should continue to lead the company as CEO. More than 50% of voters wanted Musk to be fired as the head of the social media platform.

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