This is how WhatsApp enhanced its calling capabilities.

In the past several months, Meta has introduced a number of new features to enhance the user experience, including support for avatars, the Community, 32-person video conferences, in-chat polls, and the ability to create groups with up to 1024 individuals. To be more specific, this year, Meta worked really hard to enhance the WhatsApp calling experience.

Three key elements that improved the calling experience on the chat platform, according to Meta, include 32-person video calling, the option to message or mute users, and call connections. You can start a video or voice call on your mobile device with up to 32 individuals using 32-person calls.

The option to message or mute participants is also quite useful because it enables you to magnify the video or audio stream and allows you to communicate or silence each individual participant independently while the call is still in progress. By providing a call link, the instant chat messenger now makes it simple to invite individuals to a group call.

Additionally, Meta tweaked WhatsApp’s “functionality” to enhance the calling experience. You can now see when a new caller joins a group call on WhatsApp thanks to new in-call banner notifications. Users can multitask while on a call thanks to the minimised in-call video screen (also known as Picture-in-Picture) on the WhatsApp beta app for iOS. Last but not least, Colorful waveforms make it simple to identify who is speaking even if the camera is off.

Additionally, Meta offers end-to-end encrypted messaging, ensuring the security of all your calls. According to Meta, it will keep releasing new features in order to deliver high-quality, private calling to WhatsApp.

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