The most recent update coming out makes the Windows 11 widgets board panel simpler.

The latest Windows 11 widget board panel layout (Image Credit: PhantomOcean3)

Microsoft made a minor visual adjustment to the Windows 11 widgets board. Although the change is not particularly noteworthy, it does make the upper portion of the widget board cleaner and simpler. All users of Windows 11 22H2 and 21H2 are currently receiving the updates.

PhantomOcean3 of Twitter and Windows Insider were the first to notice the change. The earlier panel displaying time and a Search bar was replaced to a simplified structure in the discovery PhantomOcean3 released. Small home and video buttons were added to the left side to take the place of the missing components.

The widget board panel layout in Windows 11 Preview Build 25227 in Dev Channel (Image Credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft tested a new widgets panel user interface in both vertical and horizontal orientations when it released Windows 11 Preview Build 25227 to the Dev Channel in October. The panel stays horizontal in this alteration that is currently visible to Windows 11 users in the general public, albeit it can be seen that the new icons’ simplicity and location from Build 25227 were implemented. It is also important to note that this update does not employ the exact icon designs and numbers that were used in the aforementioned build. The panel now appears cleaner and clutter-free thanks to the new, simpler icon designs, which is excellent. Additionally, the new layout just features the home and video buttons, unlike Build 25227 which had four icons on the left side of the panel.

The widget board panel in Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 25262 in Dev Channel (Image Credit: Microsoft)

Additionally, the options offered make it clear that the new widget panel layout and the one tested in Build 25227 differ significantly. Expanding the widgets board is an option in Build 25227. Despite this latest modification, Windows 11 users cannot yet access it. However, given that the maximise button is included in the most current Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 25262 in the Dev Channel, there is a strong likelihood that Microsoft will release it in the future.

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