In this final 2022 Dev build version, Edge receives a number of Sidebar features.

Microsoft published the final Dev Channel update for Edge Insiders this month in addition to the final Windows 11 Dev build for December (though necessary minor fixes could still be released in the following weeks). A number of new features aimed targeting the browser’s Sidebar are included in the live build 110.0.1556.0. As usual, the build includes a tonne of improvements that deal with the browser’s various problems in various places.

The hero of Dev Build 110.0.1556.0, Sidebar boasts a wealth of brand-new features and functionalities. To start, the Sidebar may now be resized, which is a good thing because it will make the browser easier to use. This will be especially helpful for individuals who frequently multitask using the Sidebar, as it occasionally takes up too much space.

Additionally, the Sidebar will now have a mute/unmute menu, giving users additional control over their browser audio. When customers desire customised sound controls for their device system and the Edge browser, it could be quite useful.

Microsoft also announced that with this update, Edge will offer push notifications. The fact that Microsoft may utilise it to introduce more adverts and further push its products to its users makes this section relatively dull even though it adds to the list of new features for Edge. Remember when the software juggernaut was seen testing advertisements on the Windows 11 Start menu and the Windows 11 sign-out flyout menu in November? Does this go on from those things? Although we are unsure, we are willing to consider the idea that Microsoft would use the Sidebar push notification capability solely for Edge users’ advantages as opposed to its own.

The ability to utilise Sidebar search in PWAs, several new capabilities in WebView2, and policies in Enterprise are additional additions. The complete list of these new features and the fixes Edge Insiders will receive is provided below.

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