In 2022, Microsoft releases the final Edge Dev update with a number of new Sidebar features.

A new update is available for download in the Dev Channel for Edge insiders testing preview builds of the browser. The Edge Sidebar now has a number of new features, and version 110.0.1556.0 also includes the customary long list of bugfixes, small enhancements, and other updates.

The highlight of the most recent release is updates for the Sidebar functionality, which was just released. The Sidebar may now be resized, push notifications can be enabled or disabled, websites can be muted or unmuted, and search is available.

Additionally, according to Microsoft, this is the final feature update for the browser to be released on the Dev Channel in 2022. Once the holiday season is over, the business will keep releasing weekly reports.

What has changed in Microsoft Edge Development 110.0.1556.0?

new capabilities:

  • Now, the sidebar pane can be resized.
  • MUTE/UNMUTE menu now available on sidebar.
  • Push notifications are now supported by sidebar apps.
  • In PWAs, sidebar search is now available.


  • Gamepad data fetch has been introduced to the Microsoft GDK’s gameinput API.
  • WinForms has included a “Toggle Visibility” menu item under the “View” tab.


  • New rule: (Note: It’s possible that the administrative templates and documentation haven’t been updated yet.)
  • added the policy SearchInSidebarEnabled.
  • WorkspacesNavigationSettings policy has been added.

Added reliability and bug fixes:

  • There was a crash fix for the Surf game.
  • Added websites from third parties to Sidebar no longer cause the browser to crash.
  • Sidebar-related browser crash has been fixed.
  • When the Mini Menu was activated, the browser crash was fixed.
  • the problem where the browser would crash after a while of use.
  • Restore tabs prompts that appeared after crashes were fixed.


  • Fixed a Collections-related browser crash.
  • When switching accounts, the browser crash was fixed.
  • Fix for tooltips window-related browser crash.
  • The reading list-related browser crash has been fixed.


  • When switching accounts, the browser crash was fixed.
  • When transferring files, the browser crashed fixed.
  • Several pages’ Read Aloud crash issue has been fixed.
  • browser crash caused by the sign in to sync button has been fixed.


  • browser crash caused by the PasswordManagerBlocklist policy has been fixed.

In addition,

  • There is now a New Tab button next to the tabs.
  • On another browser or system using the same account, the opening Collection pane was fixed to not alter the Collection.
  • The overlay scrollbar’s improper display has been fixed.
  • edge:/inspect page not working was fixed.
  • Workspaces no longer open in a different browser upon reconnecting.
  • Local/offline NTP was replaced with an error notice.
  • Fixed the login UI’s error bar not displaying.
  • When using the browser in Windows sandbox, the STATUS BAD IMPERSONATION LEVEL problem has been fixed.
  • It was resolved that the AppsForWebsites-registered URLs would launch their UWP app instead of the browser.
  • Games in sidebars will now keep their current state when switching to a new tab.


  • Wikipedia pages no longer pause when being read aloud.


  • Fixed partially hidden search box in landscape mode.
  • Fixed; menus could not be scrolled to the bottom.


  • Fixed Xbox combo-box drop-down menus not responding to arrow keys.
  • The WebResourceResponseReceived events’ improper size reporting caused.NET to run out of memory, which was fixed.


  • The policy for the BrowserCodeIntegritySettings no longer has an Audit option.
  • Android now supports the CertificateTransparencyEnforcementDisabledForCas policy.
  • Only when an Android AAD account is not signed in does the sign-in prompt appear.
  • When accessed from an IE mode page, the fixed page failed since no client certificates prompt was displayed.

The absence of a list of known flaws in the update from Microsoft does not imply that there are no problems. Keep in mind that Edge Dev is less reliable than the version intended for general release, and Microsoft does not advise using it as your primary browser (the company provides support only for Edge Stable and Edge Beta).

From the official website, you may download Microsoft Edge Dev 110 for Windows (10 and 11), macOS, Linux, and Android.

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