Files App switches from UWP to WinAppSDK, and several elements of Windows 10 get a Windows 11 makeover.

The Files App, which won the Microsoft Store prize for best file management in 2022, got a preview upgrade last month. The app was switched from UWP to the more recent Windows App SDK in that upgrade. Version 2.4 of the upgrade is now out of preview and may be downloaded.

In addition, the most recent update includes numerous more adjustments, corrections, and enhancements. For instance, the Files App on Windows 10 now features a grid and details layout similar to Windows 11’s with rounded corners. So, if you’re still using Windows 10 but prefer the interface of Windows 11, you might want to give this upgrade a shot.

The comprehensive changelog could be the most extensive we’ve seen from a recent Files upgrade. The app’s GitHub page, which is linked at the end of the post, contains the complete release notes, however the following are the most significant updates and fixes:

  • v2.4 changes **
  • Support for altering the default layout mode has been added.
  • Support has been added for customising the default grouping and sorting choices.
  • When hovering over discs, a tooltip with storage information has been added.
  • When viewing archives, a button to extract the archive was added to the toolbar.
  • Fixed issue where other user accounts would be impacted by the default file manager selection.
  • resolved issue with unclear sidebar icons
  • Menu item to compress items into an archive has been added.
  • When you click the search box, recent searches will be displayed.
  • An option to set the default column sizes in the details layout has been added to display an error message when the shortcut target cannot be found.
  • Fixed issue where the file or folder when hovered over by right clicking wasn’t always selected.
  • On the add item dialogue, automatically choose the folder option.
  • Added option to select files and folders when the mouse hovers over them.
  • Windows 10 listview and gridview styles have been updated.
  • Support for creating and extracting password-protected archives has been added. Display prompt when user doesn’t have permission to access a folder.

The Files App, version 2.4, is available for download from the Microsoft Store. The same is accessible on GitHub as well.

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