On Monday, Twitter will restart its Blue subscription and raise the character limit for tweets to 4,000.

Twitter’s subscription service Twitter Blue is finally scheduled to reopen on Monday after numerous delays. The inclusion of a blue checkmark will be the service’s primary feature. About a month ago, Twitter allowed users the option to have one, but this was subsequently removed when trolls exploited it to publish inappropriate stuff while posing as well-known people and organisations.

On Monday, @TwitterBlue will restart. For $8/month on the web or $11/month on iOS, you may pay to access subscriber-only features, such as the blue checkmark image. twitter.com/DvvsLoSO50

— Tweeted on December 10th, 2022 (@Twitter).

Now, subscribers to Twitter Blue will require a verified phone number in order to earn their blue checkmark. The checkmark will show up when an account has been examined, claims Twitter. Subscribers can modify their handles, display names, or profile pictures, but doing so will temporarily remove the blue checkmark from their accounts until Twitter has another look at them.

Additionally, Twitter Blue subscribers will soon be allowed to upload footage in 1080p and lengthier movies. In an effort to combat spam and scams, they will even see “half the adverts” and receive priority treatment when it comes to mentions, responses, and searches.

Twitter will substitute the “Official” badge with a gold checkmark for corporations and a grey marking for governments and multilateral organisations in order to aid distinguish between Twitter Blue subscribers and other verified accounts.

4,000 characters instead of the 280-character restriction on tweets

Elon Musk, the new CEO of Twitter, announced in a tweet that the business intends to raise the maximum tweet length limit from 280 characters to 4,000 characters. Further information, such as the launch date and whether it will be accessible to everyone, was withheld by him.

When Twitter was debuted, tweets could only be 140 characters long, forcing users to write brief messages as opposed to lengthy essays. Users felt this to be constricting, thus by 2017, the character restriction had been raised to 280.

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