To strengthen its worldwide cloud infrastructure, Microsoft buys Lumenisity.

Hollow core fibre (HCF) solution provider Lumenistity has been acquired by Microsoft, according to a recent announcement. The technology will “allow fast, dependable, and secure networking for global, business, and large-scale companies,” according to Microsoft. For its part, Microsoft intends to employ the technology to provide its Cloud Platform and Services clients decreased latency and improved security.

In contrast to cables that use a solid core of glass, Lumenisity’s HCF technology uses light that propagates in an air core, which appears to have significant advantages. Microsoft listed the ensuing advantages:

  • As light moves through HCF 47% more quickly than through regular silica glass, there is an increase in overall speed and a decrease in latency.
  • Due to Lumenisity’s novel internal architecture, there is improved security and intrusion detection.
  • Due to the removal of fibre nonlinearities and wider spectrum, costs will be lower and network quality will be improved along with capacity will grow.
  • Potential for extremely low signal loss that would allow for repeater-free deployment across greater distances.

Microsoft will make use of Lumenisity’s technology as part of the acquisition, and the team will continue to work on it. Microsoft has not disclosed the cost of the successful transaction.

The HCF manufacturer just finished building an HCF manufacturing facility in the UK. In the future, this will enable it to scale up the production of the technology. Lumenisity has just five years of history. It was a spin-off from the University of Southampton’s Optoelectronics Research Centre (ORC).

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