Moment 3 and Moment 4 updates appear to be enabled by default in the most recent edition of Windows 11.

The return to a three-year cycle, as it was in the days of Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows Vista, is one of the significant changes that occurred with Windows 11 22H2. There was a yearly feature update cadence cycle planned when Windows 11 version 21H2 (initial release) first appeared. Instead, the business has started gradually releasing functionality via what are known as “Moment” updates internally, as we are all now aware.

The startup has so far only made available Moment 1, which was published in the middle of October and includes features like Taskbar Overflow and Tabbed File Explorer. Moment 2 is anticipated to be released in February or March of 2019. Features from Moment 2 are now accessible in Windows 11 22H2.

In addition to that, Moment 3’s internal test ID, which appears to be the upcoming upgrade, has also been discovered. There are similarities between these velocity feature upgrades for Moment that Microsoft may be referring to as “MTestUx,” according to Windows sleuth PhantomOcean3 and Twitter user. The most recent one, “MTestUx15,” has the ID “42105254” and was found in an earlier version of Windows 11 Beta Channel.

The two new velocity feature IDs now appear to be activated by default in the most recent Windows 11 Dev channel version 25262. PhantomOcean3, a devoted developer who loves to go deeply into fresh builds, found this:

The Feature update and likely Test IDs are summarised in the table below:

Feature UpdateTest ID
Moment 139145991
Moment 239281392 (MTestUx13)
Moment 3 (?)41655236 (MTestUx14) (?)
Moment 4 (?)42105254 (MTestUx15) (?)

The “(?)” in the table above denotes rumour at this time because it is unclear if these statements in fact apply to upcoming Moment releases or not. If it is, though, Microsoft appears to be in high gear as it appears eager to get started on creating next-generation Moment updates and gradually releasing new features to Insiders.

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