Your tasks are now displayed in Microsoft To Do by automatically populating the My Day list.

Microsoft is an expert in creating solutions that keep professionals organised and productive. One of these is the built-in To Do app from Microsoft, which just got a new feature that lets it remind you when your tasks are due.

With this latest update, the app now provides the option to automatically add the user’s tasks that are due today to the My Day list. Having stated that, the function consists of a reminder that lists due dates. Simply launch the Microsoft To Do app and select the My Day list to access the list.

Your chores will automatically show up in My Day on their due dates thanks to this new functionality. This will assist you in maintaining organisation throughout the day and staying on top of your priorities. In My Day, you can already manually add tasks, so this is an enhancement to that ability, writes Microsoft’s Anmol Varma in a blog post announcing the launch of the feature. We’re excited for all of our users to enjoy this new tool and are convinced that it will help people keep on top of their tasks and organised.

Microsoft claims that the distribution is only 5% complete as of this writing, but it may soon be made available to additional customers in the upcoming weeks.

Microsoft offered new features for a number of its other apps in addition to the To Do app, such as Teams, which now incorporates Adobe Acrobat and even acquired a tonne of new capabilities in the November update. Additionally, Excel received its November update, which added tools like “Show Changes” and Chart Data Foils. Other recent additions by Microsoft to its services and products include the ability to select photos as options on Microsoft Forms, the scheduled post function, and LinkedIn’s Focused Inbox.

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