With enhanced Sleeping Tabs, Microsoft claims to have frozen 1.38 billion Edge tabs in September.

In addition to being an excellent browser overall, Microsoft Edge (just updated to version 108) has a number of cutting-edge capabilities not found in other browsers (at least not without third-party extensions). One such component is Sleeping Tabs, a special programme that allows you to conserve memory on your computer by putting idle tabs to sleep without having to reload them when you wake them up. Microsoft has provided additional information on how the functionality improves memory efficiency and how Edge is now better at determining when it should freeze tabs.

Microsoft had already boasted justifiably about its Sleeping tabs. The business disclosed that Sleeping Tabs has conserved more than 273 Petabytes of RAM in just 28 days in June 2022. Microsoft has updated its statistics on this resource-saving function, claiming that in September 2022 alone, Edge put 1.38 billion tabs to sleep. There are no specifics on the quantities of RAM saved, but according to Microsoft, sleeping tabs aid Edge in freeing up on average 83% of the memory.

Microsoft Edge is now slightly better at determining when it should intervene and automatically put sites to sleep, in addition to sleeping a tonne of tabs you never close. Microsoft has modified Edge 105 to put tabs to sleep without users’ permission when their machines are close to running out of RAM. Naturally, the feature continues to honour your exception lists and never freezes websites that you’ve instructed the browser not to. Edge Settings > System and performance > Optimize Performance allows you to modify Sleeping Tabs.

Check out our most recent experiment demonstrating Microsoft Edge’s proficiency at conserving RAM and battery life to see how Edge stacks up against competing browsers in terms of energy economy. According to the most recent Statcounter study, Microsoft Edge’s optimizations and resource-saving capabilities aid in the growth of its user base.

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