PowerToys 0.65.0 is now available and includes a long number of fixes and enhancements.

For users of PowerToys on Windows 10 and 11, an upgrade is necessary. It is now possible to download version 0.65.0, which includes a number of corrections, enhancements, and tweaks. Enjoy the update focused on improving already-existing utilities (including those added in the last feature update), while the fancy fast access launcher is sadly not included in the release.

The update’s highlights are as follows:

  • The codebase has been updated to support.NET 7.
  • Now, Quick Accent can provide a character description for the chosen character.
  • Adding custom formats is now supported by ColorPicker.

These problems are well-known:

  • On ARM64 devices running Windows 10, the Text Extractor application occasionally fails to identify text.
  • The new PowerRename and Image Resizer context menu options for Windows 11 might not show up right away after installing PowerToys.
  • Users have reported having trouble accessing the Settings window. Due to some apps’ incompatibilities, this has occurred (RTSS RivaTuner Statistics Server is a known examples of this). If you’re impacted, check the related issue to see if any of the suggested fixes apply to you.

Here is your detailed changelog, which includes enhancements and modifications for the current toys:


  • ModernWPF’s requirement was lowered to version 0.9.4 in order to prevent problems with specific virtualization tools. It was a hotfix for version 0.64.
  • code was improved and fixed to function with.NET 7. Regards, @snickler

Being at the top

  • The pinning and unpinning events now include telemetry.


  • increased telemetry
  • When starting from the runner, the tray icon for leaving Awake has been removed. To prevent inconsistencies, utilities launched from the runner should be disabled in the Settings.

Color Selector

  • Fix for an endless loop brought on by a repeating UI refresh. It was a hotfix for version 0.64.
  • included a function that lets users design custom colour formats.


  • Fixed a problem that prevented turning off spacing between zones from taking effect properly. It was a hotfix for version 0.64.
  • Prevent the focused window from receiving any shift key presses.
  • A issue that made FancyZones attempt to resize hidden windows has been fixed.
  • It was fixed that the focus layout preview was empty on the first editor run.
  • In the “Create new layout” dialogue, the UI margin was fixed.
  • difficulties with window positioning when navigating between virtual desktops have been fixed.
  • Fixed hotkey snapping in single zone layouts.

Add-ons for file explorer

  • Support for.log files has been added to the Monaco preview handler.

Locksmith File

  • When elevated, query system and other users’ processes. It was a hotfix for version 0.64.
  • UI and icon fixes. It was a hotfix for version 0.64.

Group Policy Items

  • To fix importing on Intune, an obsolete dependency was removed from the admx file. It was a hotfix for version 0.64.

File Editor is hosted.

  • The dialogue for additional lines now has a scrollbar.It was a hotfix for version 0.64.
  • a new + icon was added.
  • It was a hotfix for version 0.64.
  • Prevent the new entry content dialogue from overlapping the title bar.
  • The feature’s nomenclature for extra lines has been updated.
  • Added a fix for a problem that prevented the context menu from appearing when a user right-clicked.

Photo Resizer

  • Fixed a silent crash on Windows 11 while attempting to display the tier 1 context menu.

Run PowerToys

  • The search now supports pinyin.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the TimeZone plugin from searching for common time zones.
  • The UnitConverter plugin now includes the English abbreviations as fallback options.

Rapid Accent

  • mappings for the characters mu, omicron, upsilon, and thorn have been added.
  • Added a setting to prevent Quick Accent from activating on certain apps.
  • The selector no longer activates while leaving the lock screen due to a bug that was fixed.
  • added the character sets for Croatian, the Netherlands, Swedish, and Welsh.
  • More Unicode characters have been added in support.
  • In the selection, shift-space can now move backward.
  • The accented Catalan characters were added.
  • The Kurdish characters with accents were added.
  • The accented Serbian characters were added.
  • The characters with Irish and Scottish accents were added.
  • The character’s description that is now selected in the selector has been added.


  • Fixed an issue that made the selector window look empty.


  • The QuickAccent page’s settings name has been fixed.
  • When seeking for updates, a notification has been added stating that there is no network available.
  • corrected a bug that prevented the backup/restore feature from locating the backup file.
  • The “All apps” expression on the keyboard manager page now has correct localization.
  • contemporary controls and UI restructuring and cleanup.
  • enhanced text on settings and OOBE displays.
  • FancyZones layouts are also backed up using the backup/restore capability.

Shortcut Manual

  • included a parameter to allow for customising the reaction times of shortcuts and taskbar icons.

Mute for video conferences

  • Thanks to community feedback, the notice that Video Conference Mute is being deprecated has been changed to one that states that it will enter legacy mode. It was a hotfix for version 0.64.


  • The core team has been added to COMMUNITY.md


  • GitHub issue templates has some issues fixed.
  • Windows implementation library has been updated.
  • The issue templates now include Hosts File Editor.
  • activated C++ code analysis and gradually fixed any warnings.
  • unnecessary dependencies were cleaned out.
  • On the most recent MSVC, building was fixed.
  • The most recent MSBuild has a fixed multi-processor build.
  • added a message to the fabric bot triggers recommending the feedback hub.
  • I used the zopfli method to optimise each png file.
  • updated the.vsconfig file to facilitate a quicker setup for development.
  • corrected a linguistic error in the code.
  • x86 target in the solution file was fixed.
  • A script that prevents building when the nuget packages aren’t consolidated has been added.
  • enhancing the Vanara.
  • Call on dependencies.
  • restored and upgraded the spell-checker.
  • New dependencies feed was added, and release CI was fixed.

PowerToys can be downloaded via  from the Microsoft Store, winget, or its repository on GitHub.

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