On a Roku TV, how do you pause live TV?

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Roku TVs are a very popular form of TV since they are affordable, simple to use, and provide a good picture for the money. But did you realise you could pause live TV using it as well? A 16GB card is all you need ( or larger flash drive).

Because the TV will be formatting the drive, be sure it doesn’t contain any valuable information on the flash drive you choose to use.

Here’s how to configure it:

  • Launch “Live TV”
  • Connect the flash drive to the USB connector on the side of your TV.
  • Choosing “Set up Live TV Pause”
  • Choose “Continue”
  • On the onscreen keypad, enter the code displayed at the bottom, then click “Ok.”
  • You’re done once it has completed formatting your flash drive!

Live TV can now be paused for up to 80 minutes! It will resume playing from the place where you stopped it after 80 minutes. After changing channels, the buffer is erased, allowing you to stop live TV once more.

Cheers to computing!

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