Along with significant PC updates, the custom game browser for Halo Infinite is now available.

Halo Infinite updates are continuing to gain momentum thanks to 343 Industries. The studio has finally delivered the promised custom game browser ahead of schedule, just one month after delivering the big Winter Update that included campaign co-op and Forge components. A new multiplayer map, modifications to the Armor Core, and other additions to today’s Winter Update are sure to please PC fans in particular.

Players can now create, sort, and join matches given by other players in Halo Infinite, even ones that include Forge creations, using the game browser’s custom features, just like they could in the Master Chief Collection’s implementation. The whole support post devoted to the eagerly awaited feature and its usage can be read here.

Additionally, 343 has improved melee attacks, reduced rubber banding when being hijacked, fixed incorrect reloads, and addressed the commonly reported “desync” issue. People that come across any disruptive players in the game can also silence them and report them.

The red targeting reticle that turns on while aiming at adversaries has been reactivated for PC gamers alone, according to the Halo studio. The mouse’s sensitivity is now automatically reduced when firing at adversaries, “creating a friction feeling,” and providing players more control. This is another adjustment to the mouse’s targeting.

Other PC enhancements include an HDR setting, a walk binding to avoid Motion Trackers other than just crouching, and more consistent swap weapons functionality for the scroll wheel.

The Empyrean map in Halo Infinite offers fans of The Pitt’s new design. The new map, created entirely in Forge by 343, has been modified in a number of ways from the original to match Infinite’s sandbox alterations, but series veterans should be extremely comfortable with the layout.

Last but not least, all players have received free access to the previously published Armor Cores Mark V [B], Rakshasa, Yoroi, and Eaglestrike, which were a part of a battle pass or a brief event. Additionally, 10 additional armour coatings have been introduced to all accounts, giving Spartans playing the free-to-play shooter a lot more personalization possibilities.

The 2.2GB Winter Update for Halo Infinite is now accessible on PC and Xbox platforms. Here are the complete patch notes of this massive update here.

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