AMD Radeon: Error 173 No Graphics Hardware Detected

Many users have reported seeing Error 173 and the app failing to install on their machine while attempting to install a new version of AMD Radeon Software or when installing the software for the first time. All users should be concerned about this, but gamers should pay particular attention because AMD Radeon graphics cards are generally utilised to boost PC performance. We’ll talk about this subject in this post and examine what you should do if AMD Radeon gave you Error 173 No Graphics Hardware found.

Remove Error 173 AMD Radeon has no detectable graphics hardware.
When installing AMD Radeon, if Error 173 No Graphics Hardware detected appears, try the below-mentioned fixes.

  1. Ensure that your GPU is AMD.
  2. Perform a new installation
  3. new AMD graphics drivers
  4. Radeon Profile rebuild
  5. Run the troubleshooter for hardware and devices.

Let’s go into greater detail about each of them.

1] Ensure that your GPU is AMD.

The aforementioned error message will appear if you attempt to install AMD Radeon on a non-AMD machine, therefore if your system does not have an AMD GPU, the Radeon programme will not install. If you are running an AMD GPU on a desktop but it isn’t being recognized, you might want to verify the connection.

2] Perform a new installation.

A new installation of the tool may be necessary if you have an AMD GPU. Follow the instructions to remove the software.

  1. Win + I will open the settings.
  2. Go to Installed Apps under Apps.
  3. To find “AMD Software,” look. Windows 11: Select Uninstall by clicking the three vertical dots. OS Windows 10: Click on Uninstall after selecting the application.
  4. Re-click on Uninstall.

Go to after you have deleted the app. Ensure that Graphics is chosen, then choose the appropriate AMD Radeon software for your GPU and download it. Install the software at the very end, and maybe your problem will be solved.

3] The AMD graphics drivers need be updated.

It’s likely that the latest AMD Radeon will not work with the out-of-date Graphics Drivers if you haven’t updated your GPU driver in a while. In that situation, you must upgrade the graphics drivers with one of the techniques listed below.

  • Download the most recent driver version from the manufacturer’s website.
  • From Windows Settings, install the driver and any optional updates.

Check to see if the problem has been fixed after updating the drivers.

4] Rebuilding the Radeon Profile

While rebuilding Radeon Profile will help clear corrupted files if you encounter this problem while updating the AMD Radeon Software, it might not be appropriate for someone performing a fresh installation. You must remove the gmdb.blb file in order to accomplish this, as it will be produced after your computer has restarted.

Paste the following location into Run, then press Enter.


Remove gmdb.blb now, then restart your machine. Once finished, verify that the problem has been solved. If this doesn’t work, remove everything from the CN folder. Hopefully, this will satisfy your needs.

5] Run Hardware and Device troubleshooter, step five.

Run Hardware and Device Troubleshooter since your graphics drivers are hardware, and it will solve the problem. Windows has a built-in tool that will scan for the problem and fix it. This troubleshooter can be used by issuing a command. Open Command Prompt and enter the following command to accomplish the same thing.

-id DeviceDiagnostic msdt.exe

When the Hardware and Device window appears, do as instructed on the screen to finish the procedure. Hopefully, this will satisfy your needs.

With the help of the suggestions in this post, we hope you can solve the problem.

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How can I resolve AMD Error 173?

Make sure your AMD graphics card is installed, properly connected, and acknowledged by your operating system. You must follow the instructions in this post to make sure that your computer is recognising the AMD Graphics Cards because it is easier said than done. Hopefully, utilising these solutions, you will be able to solve the problem.

Why can’t my AMD graphics card be found?

As a result of outdated drivers, the AMD Graphics Card won’t be identified for some reason. If so, you should read our page to find out what to do if your graphics card is not recognized. Hopefully, you’ll be able to find a solution on your own.

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