This Windows 12 idea may provide some lessons for Microsoft.

An article from a few months back revealed Microsoft’s intentions to resume releasing a major Windows version every three years. Microsoft has already ruined the surprise by releasing an early prototype that features some significant user interface modifications, despite the fact that we do not yet have official confirmations from the corporation. Users are busy creating concept videos while we wait for the software giant to confirm or refute reports regarding Windows “12,” and we believe Microsoft could learn a thing or two from this one.

Although I personally don’t like handmade Windows ideas, this one stands out because of some ingenious thoughts and cool gimmicks. They aim to take the features from Windows 11 and make them more aesthetically pleasing and functional. Consider a widget area containing a media player, calendar, stock ticker, and weather information that is more active. Other types of notifications, such as Bluetooth device connections, might be displayed on the taskbar’s opposite side.

Additionally, the fast settings section is redesigned with usefulness rather than aesthetics as the primary consideration. When you open the flyout, Bluetooth devices and available Wi-Fi networks are immediately visible without requiring you to make an additional click.

This concept’s reworking of Windows Widgets and default backgrounds is my favourite part. The video’s “Windows 12” also gives the option to pin widgets to the desktop and have the wallpaper adjust to them, in addition to the usual Windows Widget board. It creates a tidy desktop with lots of customising options and widgets placed where they belong.

The concept’s inventor also offers a different approach to multitasking by combining two apps into a single window and organising files into categories in File Explorer.

Overall, I really appreciate how well-thought-out this concept is, what it offers, and how it preserves the harmony between the features and appearances. If only Microsoft will steal the concepts and use them in the upcoming major Windows version rather than saturating the platform with intrusive advertisements.

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