The Linux Mint 21.1 Beta ISOs are currently undergoing final inspections.

According to the Linux Mint website, testing of the ISO images for Linux Mint 21.1 Beta has started. The list indicates that the Cinnamon, MATE, and Xfce editions are now undergoing testing and will either be accepted for distribution as a beta version or denied. The Beta release will be delayed by a day or two if the photos are rejected after failing the tests and need to be replaced.

The Linux Mint project’s leader, Clem Lefebvre, predicted that Linux Mint 21.1, code-named Vera, will debut around Christmas in September. In order to address any lingering difficulties before the official release, the project often gives the community two weeks prior to this to check out a Beta release.

People using Linux Mint 21 will be able to quickly upgrade their system once Linux Mint 22 launches around Christmas, although it’s not necessary if you’re satisfied with Linux Mint 21. Three point releases will be made to Linux Mint 21 during its lifetime, bringing it up to Linux Mint 21.3. Since Linux Mint 23 should be available by that time, and each of these versions will be supported through the first part of 2027, you’ll presumably have already updated by then.

The Linux Mint team has not yet announced the beta release on its site as of this writing, but once the ISO images pass the tests, an announcement is anticipated shortly. The Beta release is often not worthwhile to use unless you are incredibly eager to try it out. Although it ought to represent the features of the final version, there might be bugs.

One of the first Linux distributions that new users test out is Linux Mint. It looks much more like Windows 10 graphically, making it simpler for beginners to learn. Releases after Linux Mint 21 are based on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS.

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