PowerToys will receive a tool launcher similar to Windows 11 Quick Settings.

The feature-rich programme Microsoft PowerToys is updated periodically with new features. Finding the required utility in the ever-expanding list of utilities could get laborious, therefore Microsoft is developing a launcher similar to Windows 11’s Quick Settings that would let you to access your preferred utilities with a few clicks in the notification area.

Similar to how you can control Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, mobile hotspot, accessibility, rotation lock, and other fundamental Windows 11 settings, the launcher will let you call up active modules. Additionally, it will show each tool’s activation shortcuts and give access to documents, settings, and updates. The GIF below shows a prototype of the future PowerToys launcher:

Accomplish not anticipate the PowerToys quick access launcher to be released any time soon; the developer who came up with the idea says there are still a lot of things to do. On GitHub, you may follow the feature’s development and offer suggestions. Check out PowerToys’ most current updates, which include File Locksmith, a hosts file editor, settings backup, and more.

On Windows 10 and 11, PowerToys is accessible for free from the Microsoft Store, GitHub, and winget.

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