An easy method for erasing voice history data from an Alexa device

According to Amazon, data from a wide spectrum of consumers helps the company make sure Alexa functions properly for everyone. If you are unsure about those assertions, you can remove Alexa’s voice history. That’s because when you ask Alexa questions like Hey Alexa, how’s the weather today?, she captures everything you say. Your Alexa account contains all of these records. So, learn how to do it if you want to review them all and remove the more uncomfortable questions!

How to get more privacy control over your Alexa device by deleting voice history

The Alexa app’s privacy settings provide a simple and practical approach to delete voice history for the specified time period. Let’s explore how to use it to increase your privacy control.

  • Launch the Alexa app and select the Menu option in the bottom-right portion of the screen. Next, expand the Alexa Privacy section in Settings.
  • The Review Voice History tab should be selected. It displays a history of your spoken communications with Alexa. To make its menu of choices larger, tap.
  • The drop-down menu next to the Today, All Devices, and Profiles links should be selected. Select the option to filter by device or profile next. Choose your profile or device.
  • To select a certain time period or clear all history from the device, select the Filter by date option.
  • On the gadget, in this case an Amazon Echo Show, select the Delete all of my recordings option.

  • To make the changes official, click the Delete button.

That is all there is to know about erasing any trace of the absurd questions you may have led Amazon’s digital assistant to answer. It’s crucial to keep in mind that deleting voice recordings connected to your account can worsen your experience because such recordings are utilised to enhance the precision of your interactions with Alexa.

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