Microsoft Edge now accounts for 11% of the market.

Here is the most recent Statcounter statistics, which provides information on the desktop browser market and how the main companies are faring in relation to one another.

The market for desktop browsers moves slowly, and monthly changes are frequently subject to error. The November 2022 report is no exception, showing relatively minor changes in the market shares of each player. However, comparing a number of months and years allows you to identify a broad pattern. This trend is still largely favourable for Microsoft Edge. Edge’s expansion in the desktop browser industry might be characterised as slow but steady.

Statcounter reports that Microsoft Edge has finally surpassed the 11% threshold for the first time since its launch (including the OG “Spartan” Microsoft Edge from 2015). Edge, a contemporary Chromium-based browser, increased by 0.31 points to a market share of 11.17%. For comparison, Microsoft Edge was at roughly 9.52% a year ago (an rise of 1.65 percentage points).

With an unattainable 66.13% share (-0.36), Google Chrome is in the lead and has made it impossible for any rivals to come close.

With a 9.62% market share (+0.26) and being exclusive to Macs, Apple’s desktop browser Safari is the third most used option. Opera is fifth with 3.3%, followed by Firefox in fourth place (7.1%, +0.05). (-0.29).

Regarding Internet Explorer, the formerly dominant desktop browser, only 0.77 percent of consumers still use it. Despite Microsoft’s ongoing efforts to replace Internet Explorer with the vastly superior Edge and its built-in Internet Explorer mode, some people do not want to or are unable to do so. Similar trends may be seen in the Windows market, as some users continue to use the 2014-dead OS Windows XP (not an “eight-year-old OS,” as some readers rightly noted). The same thing should occur with Windows 7.

On the official Statcounter website, you can find more information about the most recent report. As usual, keep in mind that the data is illustrative and not entirely accurate.

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