Apple may have decided on a name for the operating system for its AR/VR headset, but it’s not called realityOS.

There have been persistent rumours about Apple developing an AR/VR headset. However, the majority of its crucial information has already surfaced this year, with insiders disclosing the display it would utilise and the operating system it will run. The name of the operating system for the AR/VR headset is currently the subject of new information.

Apple has decided on a moniker for the future operating system for its AR/VR headsets, according to a Bloomberg story. Apple has chosen the name “xrOS” instead of the internal moniker “realityOS,” which it was previously using. Extended reality is abbreviated as “xr.” According to the article, changing the moniker to “xrOS” will “enable the headset to stand out more.”

Extended reality could refer to a mixed reality headset, like Microsoft’s HoloLens, as opposed to a solo augmented reality or virtual reality headset. Users of mixed reality can interact with both virtual things and a real-world environment.

According to earlier speculations, Apple’s mixed-reality headset would have some of the most interesting features, including FaceTime, with Memojis and SharePlay at its core. Additionally, according to rumours, Apple is creating updated headset versions of popular apps like Messages and Maps. Additionally, Apple is developing a software development kit for developers in order to guarantee that there are enough third-party apps available when it goes on sale.

Although the anticipation is increased by all these reports, it is still unknown when Apple’s mixed reality headset will be unveiled. The tech giant is keeping quiet about the release, but it is anticipated that at least some announcements would be made about the headset during its WWDC event in 2023, giving developers enough time to develop programmes for it.

Source: Bloomberg; Via: Macrumors

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