Statcounter: Windows 10 drops below 70%, but Windows 11 keeps slowly ascending.

The November 2022 report from Statcounter has been released, containing the most recent information on browsers and operating systems. The results show that Windows 10’s market share fell below 70% for the first time in November 2022. Although Microsoft’s operating system continues to rule the roost, its market share is gradually declining as the replacement gains popularity. According to Statcounter, Windows 10’s market share is currently at 69.77%, down 1.49 points from the previous month.

Although Windows 11 is not breaking any speed records, it continues to advance at a comparatively slow but consistent rate. According to the November 2022 report, Windows 11 is currently at 16.12%, an improvement of +0.67 over October 2022.

With a market share that is nearly identical to that of Windows 11, Windows 7 is still the third most popular operating system at around 10.24% (+0.62). Because Microsoft intends to discontinue the Extended Security Updates programme for Windows 7 early in 2019, anticipate a little acceleration in the OS’s market share decline. Nevertheless, a lot of users will keep using Windows 7, thus some developers are thinking about extending their product support.

Windows 8.1 and Windows 8 have 2.54% and 0.79% (+0.09 and +0.1) respectively. With a 0.4% market share, Windows XP, an eight-year-old operating system, is still going strong.

Despite having over 1.5 billion active devices, Windows is not the most widely used operating system. Android holds that title with a market share of 43.37% (-1.13), followed by Windows at 29.24% (-0.93) and iOS at 17.25%. (-0.32). On the official website, you may learn more about the most recent Statcounter report.

Disclaimer: There is usually a margin of error in reports from third parties and they are not always correct.

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