Today, YouTube released Music Recap, a Spotify-like feature, for 2022.

YouTube is now introducing a Recap on YouTube Music to viewers as a way to commemorate the conclusion of 2022. Users will receive highlights about the music they have streamed over the course of the year via the music summary, which is similar to Spotify Recap.

In 2021, YouTube launched the YouTube Music Recap, a compilation of the year’s top songs. Additionally, YouTube offered a customised playlist with all the songs that users have listened to in the previous year. YouTube is enhancing the Recap experience this year by introducing additional stats and improving accessibility.

In contrast to previous year, users will be able to share their customised playlists, stories, and other statistics through the YouTube Music Recap, which will be accessible from the main YouTube application. Additionally, YouTube has introduced more stats including Identity, Top Trends, and Hard-to-Find material. Both the YouTube Music and YouTube app users played “unique-to-YouTube content” that is included in the Hard-to-find statistic, while users of the Top Trends statistic were the first to discover new artists on the platform. Using the “Identity” statistic, a music personality is assigned to the user based on their listening habits and musical tastes.

Here is a YouTube description:

  • Top Trends: You can see which artist you came across before most other users on the YouTube Music app Recap page.
  • Identity: Based on your listening habits, the YouTube Music app Recap page will also give you a tailored “music personality” that sums up your musical attitude.
  • Content That Is Hard to Find: YouTube has a library of music videos that you won’t find anyplace else. To commemorate this, we’re presenting the remixes and live performances that are exclusive to YouTube that you appreciated the most this year. These are all videos that are accessible on both YouTube and the YouTube Music app.

Last but not least, YouTube Music Recap 2022 enables users to post their statistics on Facebook and Instagram. Additionally, they may add yearly highlights to their shareable cards by fusing their Google Photos photos with the accompanying music to produce a sentimental montage. By typing “2022 Recap” into the YouTube app on Android and iOS, users can see their YouTube Music Recap 2022.

Recap 2022 is supposedly starting to roll out today, according to YouTube, but neither the YouTube app nor the YouTube Music app contain it. So, it can take some time before you receive it.

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