The November Power BI Desktop version adds the Optimize ribbon and modifies the app’s colour accent.

Microsoft releases the several updates that have been made to its Power BI Desktop version over the course of each month toward the end of the month. This time around, the tech juggernaut released the November update, which includes a new colour accent, an Optimize ribbon to simplify report generation for users, and more.

The Power BI team changed the accent colour to teal while considering how it would improve contrast and increase visibility throughout the software, making it more usable for people with visual impairments. In addition to that, a number of new modifications have been made to a number of modules, including reporting, modeling, data integration, visualizations, and more.

You can see the complete changelog below:

  • Reporting
  • Axes for small multiples charts that are not synchronised or shared
  • Azure Maps label customization and control
  • Utilize field parameters to create dynamic slicers.
  • Over Power BI datasets and analysis, composite models Services Modeling
  • With the Optimize ribbon, you can quickly create reports.
  • DAX function update: EVALUATEANDLOG
  • TOCSV and TOJSON are two new DAX functions.
  • Data preparation and connectivity
  • Azure Bricks, bricks, bricks
  • Projectplace, Planview Enterprise One – PRM, Planview Enterprise One – CTM, Dremio Cloud Kognitwin Spigit
  • SumTotal Service
  • A new method of uploading Excel and Power BI files
  • Join a report subscription with filters.
  • Connected metrics
  • updating information protection
  • Pages in Reports
  • Experience writing formatted tables
  • Visualizations
  • New graphics in Accobat ADWISE RoadMap / Gantt v2.5 Control Chart XmR by Nova Silva’s AppSource accoPLANNING
  • Zebra ZoomCharts 1.3 for BI Cards Graph Drill Down PRO

Notably, WebView2’s infrastructure update for the data analytics service is also getting closer to GA. An installation prompt will be displayed each time users who do not already have WebView2 installed run their desktop application because it is intended to eventually make switching to WebView2 mandatory for all users. You can get your hands on the latest update for Power BI Desktop here.

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