In November, Netflix published nine new games; the most recent was released on Tuesday.

In addition to its video streaming service, Netflix has announced the addition of nine mobile games to its library as part of its membership service. One of the titles arrived yesterday, despite the fact that eight of them debuted earlier this month. Reigns: Three Kingdoms and Cats & Soup are two games that just came out this month. Yesterday saw the release of Hello Kitty Happiness Parade.

Even though you may have already downloaded or played some of these games through the Play Store or App Store, doing so through your Netflix subscription allows you to play without being interrupted by commercials or in-app purchases. Playing the games might become a little more fun as a result, particularly if they frequently included obtrusive commercials or were challenging to finish without buying add-ons.

It’s intriguing that Netflix is growing its selection of video games. Netflix’s gaming offerings are still relatively new, and many other businesses are pausing work on their more experimental initiatives in order to lay off employees and save operational costs. It appears that Netflix takes gaming quite seriously.

The business revealed earlier this month that it was developing a new PC game with connections to a few of Netflix’s movies and TV shows. The length of time that endeavour will take is unknown, so in the interim, you’ll have to settle for the selection of mobile games that Netflix is consistently adding.

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