Soon, Twitter will launch a multicoloured verification system.

Elon Musk disclosed in a tweet today that his team at Twitter is developing a new colourful verification system, which comes shortly after the company declared that it would not relaunch its paid verification service until the impersonation occurrences are drastically decreased.

A tentative launch date for the new checkmark programme is Friday of the next week. Companies or organisations will obtain a gold checkmark under the new system, whilst officials from the government will receive a grey checkmark.

Similar to that, everybody who is willing to pay $8 per month for the service and is not a celebrity will get a blue checkmark dedicated to them. This also implies that verified legacy accounts will use the blue check mark. Prior until this, it had only been designated for prominent individuals like public officials, journalists, and celebrities.

If they are interested, people can also choose to purchase a secondary, tiny logo. They should, however, be members of an organisation and have that membership verified by the organisation.

Musk additionally stated that all verified accounts will need to be personally validated before the check triggers in a tweet in response to Robert Reich and Crypto King. He acknowledged that this will be an unpleasant process but that it is still required from a security perspective. Next week, he might provide a more thorough explanation, he suggested.

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