Document kind of suggests that Sony plans to release PlayStation Next after 2026.

According to a document (PDF) presented to the UK’s CMA as part of an examination into Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard, Sony intends to release the next-generation PlayStation some time after 2026. Sony claims in the document that PlayStation Next will be released in a year that it has kept secret, but when all the comments are considered, we know this will be after 2026.

According to Sony, Microsoft has only offered to keep Activision titles on the market till 2027. Additionally, Sony cited a public statement from Microsoft in which it stated that Call of Duty would only continue on PlayStation “as long as that makes sense.” Later on, Sony states that Call of Duty would no longer be available by the time SIE released the next generation of their PlayStation console, which is anticipated to happen around [redacted]. By combining these remarks, we can infer that Sony intends to release the PlayStation 5’s successor after 2026.

If we consider the availability of Sony’s prior platforms, a 2027 debut date would also make sense. The PlayStation was introduced in 1994, the PS2 in 2000, the PS3 in 2006, the PS4 in 2013, and the PS5 in 2020, all of which were released seven years apart. After an additional seven years, we arrive at 2027.

Knowing the release date of the upcoming Sony console is useful since it gives you time to start setting money aside for it in advance, assuming cloud gaming doesn’t entirely replace consoles by 2027. With the PS5 costing $499 for the Base edition, consoles aren’t cheap, and game costs are always rising.

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