2022’s Black Friday: Best WD Red Deals on 3TB, 4TB, 6TB, 8TB, 10TB, 12TB, and 14TB CMR hard discs

When compared to two years ago, those looking for computer parts must be having a lot of fun these days. That’s because sales associated with Black Friday and Thanksgiving 2022 in general offered excellent discounts on the majority of PC components. We have been reporting on these sales for processors, graphics cards, and storage items like SSDs with NVMe and CMR hard discs for NAS.

Speaking of NAS drives with CMR (Conventional Magnetic Recording) technology, we have added a few more sales that now feature WD Red Plus models. All of these 3.5″ drives employ the common SATA III 6Gb/s interface.

Visit the links below to purchase the WD Red Plus CMR NAS HDD:

  • $59.99 for 3TB (5400 RPM, 128MB cache) (Amazon US)
  • 69.99$ for 4TB (5400 RPM 128MB cache) (Newegg US)
  • 6TB (5640 RPM 128MB cache) costs $99.99 from Amazon US (Newegg US)
  • $89.99 (Amazon US) for 8TB (5640 RPM 128MB cache); $129.99 (Newegg US)
  • $109.99 (Amazon US) for 10TB (7200 RPM, 256MB cache); $159.99 (Newegg US)
  • $189.99 for 12TB (7200 RPM, 256MB cache) (Newegg US)
  • $149.99 for 14TB (7200 RPM, 512MB cache) (Newegg US)
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