Netflix is creating a high-quality PC game.

More than a year ago, Netflix entered the gaming industry with a small selection of free mobile games for Netflix subscribers. While some of the titles are adaptations of well-known Netflix original series like Stranger Things, the majority of the choices in the mobile app have no such connection to the streaming service’s own content library.

Over time, Netflix has added more mobile game titles to its collection, bought a game studio, and made plans to introduce a cloud gaming platform. In addition to all of these initiatives, the company is currently developing an AAA PC game.

Numerous job openings for the Netflix Games Studios have recently been posted on the company’s website. Experienced game, are, and technical directors, senior producers, live service analysts, and lead engineers are among the positions that are currently open.

A third-person RPG is what the project is referred to as in some of the listings as a “brand new triple-A PC game.” It appears that Unreal Engine will be used to build the game. Additionally, there are mentions of media tie-ins, with some listings stating that the company wants to create a game story “worthy of a Netflix film/TV series.” While the live service analyst is in charge of coming up with ideas for live service and free-to-play elements, the game director is tasked with keeping the game’s lore as the authoritative source as it spreads to other media.

For those who are unaware, Chacko Sonny, a former Overwatch executive producer, founded Netflix Games Studio last month. In light of this, it is crucial to emphasise that the studio is still in its very early stages, making it impossible to predict when or if these plans will come to fruition.

Source: Netflix via mobilegamer.bizEngadget

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