Microsoft acknowledges to the CMA that Sony’s exclusives are of higher quality.

Sony has more and higher-quality exclusives for the PlayStation than Microsoft does for the Xbox, according to Microsoft, which has informed the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority. The Xbox maker cited Metacritic data showing that in 2021, the top 20 PlayStation exclusive games received an average rating of 87/100, while Xbox exclusives received an average rating of 80/100 during the same period.

Microsoft cited statistics showing that, in addition to receiving higher ratings, PlayStation exclusives accounted for 10–20% of PlayStation game sales as opposed to 0–10% for Xbox. When examining digital in-game purchases, these percentages were also reproduced by platform.

Microsoft reaffirmed in the PDF that Activision games will not be removed from the PlayStation. Microsoft may or may not have an opinion on the topic, but the CMA is nonetheless concerned about the possibilities. Microsoft emphasised the aforementioned facts to reassure the CMA that even if it were to make Activision titles an Xbox exclusive, Sony still offers fantastic exclusives with broad appeal.

Games like Overwatch, Diablo, Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, Candy Crush, and StarCraft were created by Activision Blizzard. Sony is particularly worried about Call of Duty because it is a popular franchise that attracts players of all skill levels. While the UK has chosen to closely examine the Microsoft acquisition of Activision, a number of nations, like Saudi Arabia and Brazil, have approved the transaction.

Source: CMA (PDF) via Kotaku

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