Sea of Thieves Season 8 is currently out and includes new locations, on-demand PVP, and more.

Season 8 of Rare’s pirate-themed adventure game Sea of Thieves has officially launched, as was said in last week’s announcement. The significant content upgrade promotes new features to make PVP encounters easier to locate and more fair, as well as new factions, enticing new locales to explore, and more.

You can read more about the new PVP encounters here, but to put it briefly, pirate crews can now use matchmaking in Adventure mode to select an enemy ship with a similar skill level, enabling them to emerge from the water in style and engage in a 1 against 1 battle.

Guardians of Fortune and Servants of the Flame are the two new factions that players can engage in combat with in order to gain their allegiance. Gaining dominance within a faction grants access to additional locations where special “curses” that transform pirates into ghosts or skeletons can be donned.

Players can now climb to 100 levels of a free battle pass and pursue new accolades and achievements. Access to exclusive cosmetics for both ships and pirates is also available through the purchase of a separate premium battle pass and an Emporium refresh.

Due to the update’s emphasis on combat, in addition to adding new features, Rare also adjusted the game’s balance. Cursed Cannonballs are now more difficult to come by all over the world, as players will discover. Additionally, their effectiveness against pirates and the quantity that one player can hold have both been decreased.

The Sea of Thieves Season 8 update, which varies in size depending on the system being used, is now available for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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