Platforms like HubSpot target former Twitter employees while criticising Musk’s management

The Twitter and Elon Musk controversy has to rank among the most talked-about subjects of the year. Since finalising his acquisition of Twitter, Musk has made a number of changes to the service, including charging $8 for a verified blue tick and firing more than half of its staff.

It is understandable that the social media company’s rivals would take notice and start marketing their platforms after seeing it in such disarray. Reuters claims that internet firms including Hubspot and CoderPad asked Twitter staff members to join their organisations in response to Musk’s move to fire them. A few weeks ago, Twitter was sued for terminating 3700 workers without giving them the required warning, which is typically given 60 days in advance.

Not only were the layoffs bad for Twitter’s image, but many businesses also stopped running their ads there, which led to a sharp drop in ad revenue. Katie Burke, chief people officer at HubSpot, offered her thoughts on Twitter’s choice to get go of staff members who were allegedly critical of the business’ internal Slack channels. By late Monday, 35,000+ people had liked the LinkedIn post. She stated:

“Getting criticised as a leader is a necessary part of the job. Debate and disagreement are part of the process and, as great leaders understand, they improve you. HubSpot is recruiting if you want a place where you may express your disagreements with others (kindly, of course).

After Musk’s prohibition on remote work, Amanda Richardson, the CEO of Coderpad, an interview platform and recruitment software, sent an open letter to Twitter’s staff. It was “terribly aggravating, disheartening, and demotivating,” as she put it, to work there. Coderpad valued employees’ skills more than the places they work from, she continued.

Additionally, Michael Weening, the CEO of Calix, published a similar article on LinkedIn promoting the company’s positive corporate culture. In the United States, Calix offers cloud computing services and software platforms. As a result of Musk’s purchase of Twitter earlier this month, a million users deactivated their accounts, but Twitter’s alternative Hive reached a million users. Musk and Twitter have yet to acknowledge and comment on the most recent events.

Via Reuters

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