How to remove the Start menu’s list of suggested websites in Windows 11 build 25247

A rather contentious feature in the newly released Windows 11 build 25247 has quite a few Windows Insiders up in arms. Users complain that Microsoft keeps adding advertisements to the operating system, and the most recent Windows 11 Dev release with its new Start menu website suggestions does not make things any better.

Fortunately, in Windows 11 build 25247, you may disable website recommendations on the Start menu, just like other beta features from the Dev channel. The Vivetool app and a single command kindly shared by @PhantomOfEarth are all that are required. You can alter the amount of suggested websites with the command as well (two or one).

How can Windows 11 build 25247 users turn off website recommendations?

  • Utilize GitHub to download ViveTool, then unzip the files somewhere practical.
  • Using Win + X, choose Terminal (Admin).
  • By hitting Ctrl + Shift + 2 or clicking the arrow-down button at the top of the window, Windows Terminal can be changed to the Command Prompt profile.
  • Use the CD command to find the folder holding the extracted files. For instance, type CD C:Vive if you transferred ViveTool to C:Vive.
  • Press Enter after entering vivetool /disable /id:40059556.
  • If the suggested website feature isn’t available, you can try using the vivetool /enable /id:40059556 command to force it to be enabled. The number of suggested websites will increase from one to two when you use the vivetool /disable /id:40059556 /variant:3 command.
  • Restart File Explorer or your computer as a whole.

Other hidden features in Windows 11 build 25247, in case you missed them. The Settings app’s user interface has been improved further, and Suggested Actions may now be used with browsers besides Edge.

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