Due to user input, Microsoft has postponed the deprecation of the Outlook REST API indefinitely.

Microsoft previously declared that the Outlook REST API beta and Outlook REST API v2.0 endpoints are being deprecated in November 2020. As part of Microsoft’s regular service deprecation policy, this would be a two-year process. However, Microsoft has now declared that it is postponing this deprecation indefinitely after this two-year period has passed.

Microsoft has given feedback from customers and partners as justification for its choice. It appears that users of the API are not yet ready to entirely abandon it in favour of Microsoft Graph. The current applications and use-cases would need to undergo some significant adjustments as a result.

However, Microsoft has warned users not to become complacent with this delay or assume that it is a viable long-term option. The Redmond tech giant has emphasised that even though the deprecation has been postponed indefinitely, it will still occur in 2023 and that customers will be given a six-month heads-up.

For those who don’t know, developers use the Outlook REST API in programmes that control push notifications, calendars, contacts, and more. However, Microsoft has been urging users to migrate to Microsoft Graph by following this guide since it was declared a legacy surface in 2020.

Developers won’t have access to the endpoint once the Outlook REST API is unavoidably deprecated, and building new applications using the API will no longer be possible. It will be interesting to see when the deprecation date falls next year and what effect it will have on the scenarios and use-cases that are currently in use.

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