Phil Schiller, an Apple executive, stops using Twitter.

Apple executive Phil Schiller, who occasionally appears at Apple Events, has cancelled his Twitter account. Since November 2008, Schiller has maintained a profile on the website, and as of September 28 she has more over 260k followers. Without providing an explanation, he deleted his account just days after Twitter CEO Elon Musk asked people if the former president of the United States should have his account restored.

According to Musk, 134 million people viewed the poll, and over 15 million individuals participated. In the end, 51.8% of those polled wanted Trump’s account to be restored. Ye West and Andrew Tate, two guys who have made contentious statements, have both had their accounts restored, although when questioned, Musk appeared to indicate Alex Jones from InfoWars will not be returning at this time.

In my arms, my firstborn child passed away. I sensed his final heartbeat.

I don’t have any compassion for someone who would utilise a child’s death for personal gain, political benefit, or fame.

— Elon Musk, November 21, 2022 (@elonmusk)

Although it’s unclear if these events are what led Schiller to delete his Twitter account, they might have had some influence. Schiller didn’t typically tweet more than a few times per month, and his tweets were quite infrequent. Along with a little music thrown in for good measure, the majority of his posts were also Apple-related.

It will be fascinating to see if Schiller appears on a Mastodon server in the future. This month alone, millions of individuals joined Mastodon. Nothing would prevent Apple from building its own Mastodon server and connecting it to the rest of the Mastodon network, in fact. But knowing Apple, it would likely build yet another walled garden.

Source: MacRumors

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