Meta is implementing the PTP time sync technology to upgrade its networks.

Precision Time Protocol (PTP) technology has been added to the metaverse by Meta, reducing lag time between platforms and enhancing device synchronization.

PTP, introduced in 2002, allows computer networks spread over numerous places to synchronise to the millisecond level. PTP first assisted in synchronising computer clocks around the world. Because PTP synchronises clocks to a millionth of a second, it is more accurate than its predecessor, Network Time Protocol.

According to Meta, a lack of sync can result in delays, network problems, and mistakes. It discusses how PTP’s integration with Meta’s data centres enables users to stay in better synchronisation when messaging, making video calls, playing online games, or exploring the Meta Horizon Worlds in the metaverse. Meta entails:

“With PTP, server clocks can be synced to nanosecond precision. We think PTP has the potential to make it possible to synchronise Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) across data centers, opening up previously unattainable AI possibilities. This degree of precision will make it possible to synchronise not just the computers already connected to our networks, but also the sophisticated systems that will be connected to them in the future.

The business also disclosed that PTP will play a crucial role in the technologies sustaining the metaverse. In the blog post, Meta claims to have made the hardware and software required to facilitate the implementation of PTP in the company’s data centres open-source. You can read more information on Meta’s PTP deployment here.

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