Elon Musk, the CEO of Twitter, defers paid verification until impersonation rates are lower.

According to a new video acquired by The Verge, Twitter CEO Elon Musk stated on Monday that the social media giant will not restart its premium verification service Twitter Blue until it is certain about “major impersonations not happening.”

On Monday night, Musk tweeted to confirm this. The platform probably will use several colour checks for companies and people, he added.

Holding off on relaunching Blue Verified until there is strong assurance that impersonation will no longer occur.

For corporations as opposed to individuals, a separate colour check will usually be used.

— Elon Musk, November 22, 2022 (@elonmusk)

The verification service will resume on November 29, as Musk initially predicted. But during a discussion with staff, he started to doubt that time. “We may start it off next week. Perhaps not. However, we won’t go live until we have absolute confidence in our ability to block such serious impersonations.

Elon Musk overhauled Twitter’s Blue membership programme after buying the social media platform, allowing anyone to purchase their own verified checkmark for $8. The social media network adopted “Official” tags to make it easier for users to distinguish between accounts that have been verified using Twitter Blue and accounts that have been verified as official. Even though the service was terminated less than a day later, it was eventually brought back after users began using their checkmarks to mimic brands and well-known individuals.

Musk stated earlier this month that anyone using a parody account in their name on Twitter while engaged in impersonation will have their account permanently suspended.

According to Musk in the business recording, “Any given social media platform, no matter what it is, is going to be subject to bots and trolls unless there is some financial barrier to greatly increase the cost of bots and trolls.”

Source: The VergeElon Musk (Twitter)

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