The Google Maps AR feature Live View will go live in London, New York, and other cities the following week.

You can discover new areas and learn vital details about places, such as the weather, traffic, and busyness, with the aid of Google Maps. Through its Augmented Reality (AR) function called Live View, you may now quickly explore such locations. It will function on both Android and iOS and will go live the next week in cities including London, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, San Francisco, and Tokyo.

Earlier, Google Map’s eco-friendly navigation option allowed you to choose between the fastest and most fuel-efficient route. Further, the new Maps Live View feature will enable you to more naturally discover your surroundings. When you access it, according to Google, you’ll find street names, restaurants, ATMs, and hotels marked appropriately, along with overlay arrows and directions, ensuring that you never get lost. To begin, simply tap the Camera icon in the Google Maps app that is next to the Microphone button.

In addition to the aforementioned, if you drive an electric car, Google Maps will make it even simpler for you to locate the ideal charging station. Simply enter an EV charging station search and choose the rapid charge filter to get a list of stations with 50kW or greater chargers. Additionally, you can search for stations based on the plug types that work with your vehicle. However, this facility will only be accessible in nations that have EV charging stations.

Last but not least, Maps is also including the Wheelchair accessibility option. It will let users know if the location is wheelchair accessible or not. It is currently accessible worldwide for Android and iOS.

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