Rufus 3.21 Beta is now available with enhanced Windows compatibility and several fixes.

Users have a variety of third-party tools at their disposal in addition to the Discs Creation Tool software that Microsoft officially offers for producing Windows 10 and 11 install media. The Microsoft Store App Awards 2022 show that Rufus is among the most well-liked selections, and it has just been updated to version 3.21 Beta. The software is now better at identifying and reporting Windows versions, among other enhancements, in the most recent edition.

What’s new in Rufus 3.21 Beta is as follows:

  • Allow the Windows User Experience dialogue to accept any username for a local account.
  • the reporting of Windows version information from ISO/.wim
  • Update the exFAT and NTFS drivers in UEFI:NTFS to v1.9 and v1.4, respectively.
  • Use remote download for GRUB variants (Fedora 37, openSUSE Live, GeckoLinux)
  • Fix UEFI:NTFS partitions with files larger than 4GB not being configured in MBR mode for ISOs (UwUntu)
  • When a label that is not FAT compliant is used, fix GRUB support for Arch and derivatives (#2086).
  • Correct GRUB detection that uses non-standard prefixes.
  • Correct the Windows User Experience dialog’s broken tab arrangement.

The most recent Rufus Beta is available for download from the app’s GitHub repository. On the official website, stable versions (portable and installable) are also accessible. Check out the updates in Rufus 3.20 if you prefer utilising stable software. If Rufus is new to you, check out our tutorial on how to use Rufus to make a Windows 11 bootable USB.

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