Here’s how to use Chrome’s Suggested Actions feature in Windows 11 25247.

A new feature in Windows 11 build 25247 allows you to search the internet using the highlighted text. The revised Suggested Actions feature only functions in Edge and Bing, as is customary for Microsoft, even if you have another browser or search engine selected as your default. Nevertheless, there is some hope for a new function that is easier to use. Microsoft is experimenting with new iterations of Suggested Actions that enable search in several browsers, as @PhantomofEarth observed.

The wonderful thing about variant 1 is that it allows you to search the web in other browsers besides only Edge!

Twitter: Uw5tD1wLzM Vivetool /enable /id:41539325 /variant:1

— @PhantomOfEarth’s PhantomOcean3 18 November 2022

Only a small number of US insiders have access to the Suggested Actions feature as Microsoft starts to push it out and track user feedback. You can, however, attempt to force-enable it in addition to other variations that change how the feature functions and acts. As usual, to modify Windows 11’s internals, you need the ViveTool programme.

  • Suggested Actions in Chrome with Windows 11 build 25247: Opening
  • Place the files you downloaded from GitHub for ViveTool in a practical and accessible location.
  • Using Win + X, choose Terminal (Admin).
  • By hitting Ctrl + Shift + 2 or clicking the arrow-down button at the top of the window, Windows Terminal can be changed to the Command Prompt profile.
  • Use the CD command to find the folder containing the extracted ViveTool files. For instance, type CD C:Vive if you transferred ViveTool to C:Vive.
  • Press Enter after entering vivetool /enable /id:41539325 /variant:1. Type vivetool /enable /id:41539325 to use the new Suggested Actions functionality the way Microsoft intended.
  • Switch off your computer.

You can experiment with more Suggested Actions changes. Variant:2 keeps the ability to search in Chrome but changes “search the web” to “search copied text.” Variant:4 displays the “search copied text” button without a choice of which browser to open, while variant:3 operates as the configuration that has been publicly provided.

Microsoft has stated that new features in the Dev channel are not final, so as the business decides what to distribute to the general public, you may anticipate modifications and enhancements in upcoming releases. The vivetool /disable /id:41539325 command will simply turn off the Suggested Actions feature.

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