Direct Discord voice joining, sale notifications, and more are included in the November Xbox update.

The November Xbox update, which includes significant features including improved Discord voice capabilities, sale notifications, improvements to cloud gaming, and much more, has started to roll out from Microsoft. This month’s update is jam-packed.

Discord Voice first became available on Xbox systems in September, however joining a voice channel required the use of a smartphone or a computer before the conversation could be transferred to a connected console. With the most recent upgrade, connecting to a Discord voice channel from a connected console is now available.

By selecting the “Discord” option under “Parties & conversations” in the user guide, users can access the feature. On Xbox Series X|S consoles, Discord’s Krisp noise suppression is also turned on by default, eliminating all background noise and just transmitting audio communications. In Discord’s options, you can disable this.

Users of Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome who play Xbox Cloud Games on PC or Mac will soon receive a controller boost in the form of controller rumble. This capability will also be included to Samsung TVs beginning in 2021 and 2022. Any rumble-supporting controller should work here, since Microsoft suggested the Xbox Wireless Controller and even Sony’s DualShock 4.

The update now adds notifications for when games on a user’s personal wishlist go on sale in addition to the ability to buy gifts directly from another user’s wishlist. In the Settings > Preferences > Store notifications area, the notifications can be turned off.

Users now have the option to view additional information regarding their console’s power usage while it is not in use. You may view the Shutdown (energy-saving) and Sleep Mode choices, as well as their power usage, by going to Settings > General > Power options. Shutdown has been set as the default setting, although the “Custom power settings” section allows for greater customisation (such as inactivity shutdown).

The November update also includes a brand-new Captures app that gives recorded video “better viewing, management, and editing” features. Microsoft has also increased the bit rate for 720p and 1080p captures, providing better playback quality. Additionally, you may directly copy screenshots and clips from the app to an external drive.

Xbox console livestreaming has also been improved. By going to Capture & share > Live streaming > More choices, Destination, and then the desired platform, Microsoft has added the capability to start Twitch, Lightstream, and Streamlabs streams directly from the console.

Finally, Xbox Assist has been rebranded as Xbox Support, which offers improved navigation support. A Recommendations section can be found in settings to ensure users are taking use of available Xbox capabilities like HDMI-CEC, properly configuring audio, or activating 4K UHD compatibility. The “Ask to Join” functionality is now also available on user profiles.

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