The much-desired feature of multi-repository support is now available in Visual Studio 2022.

Visual Studio 2022 now supports multiple repositories thanks to Microsoft. You need to update to Visual Studio 2022 17.4, which was released last week, in order to start using the new feature. With the addition of this feature, Visual Studio 2022 may now simultaneously run up to 10 active Git repositories.

You will be able to work on projects that are based across several repositories thanks to this functionality, claims Microsoft. The ability to handle many repositories from a single instance of Visual Studio 2022 rather of requiring a separate window for each repository before this release should make things much simpler.

Microsoft has produced a useful video that demonstrates how to use this functionality right away:

Microsoft will only let you run 10 active repositories at once for the time being so that it can track the effect on I/O, CPU, and UI responsiveness. Your PC will see a performance hit as the repository gets bigger. The restriction should work perfectly for the majority of devs. Only 0.05% of participants in a Microsoft preview went beyond the allotted number.

The business is looking for community input on this feature. You may let Microsoft know what you think by filling out a survey.

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