Microsoft claims that users of Windows 8.1 should upgrade to Windows 11 and a new computer.

Microsoft has reminded consumers once more about the January 10th deadline for the end of support for Windows 8.1, which it first announced in June. Similarly to Windows 10 version 21H1, the business is once more concentrating on converting consumers to Windows 11. The business has provided explanations regarding end-of-support and the benefits of upgrading to Windows 11:

  • Computers running Windows 8.1 will continue to work after January 10, 2023, but Microsoft will stop offering the following services:
  • technical assistance with any problem
    programme upgrades

Updates or changes to the security
While a computer running Windows 8.1 could still be used, it will be more vulnerable to malware and viruses if you stop receiving software and security updates. We advise upgrading to a current supported version of Windows. The switch to a new device that can run Windows 11 is simple and enjoyable.

How is the security of Windows 11 superior to Windows 8.1’s?

With full end-to-end security that includes antivirus, firewall, internet safeguards, and more, Windows 11 is the most secure version of Windows ever created. This entails more built-in security mechanisms, dashboard displays, and continual updates to help defend against potential threats.

Along with your ability to shop at the Microsoft Store, support for Microsoft 365 (Office) apps will also end as a result of this.

Microsoft advises purchasing a new computer as well, which is probably a good idea given that Windows 11 has fairly strict system requirements and that any CPU older than six years is unlikely to be supported. Additionally, version 22H2 doesn’t change the prerequisites in any way. Although the hardware requirements shouldn’t be a problem if you choose Windows 10.

What makes a new computer appealing to you?

The technology used to create Windows 8.1-based PCs is roughly ten years old. When you switch to a new PC, there will be many features of Windows that are familiar to you, but there will also be significant advancements in hardware and software that weren’t possible ten years ago.

Microsoft reminding people of Windows 11 is done for a good purpose. According to the most recent data, only 15% of consumers have updated from Windows 10 to Windows 11. Many people have shied away from Windows 11 due to its demanding system requirements. It’s a significant hurdle for businesses, and even a full year later, only around half of the systems are Windows 11-ready, per data from a large-scale poll.

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