In the most recent preview version, Files App gains support for password-protected archives and more.

A new preview update for Files App, a well-known third-party file manager for Windows and a winner of the Microsoft Store App Awards 2022, has been released with a number of noteworthy adjustments and enhancements. The programme is switching from UWP to WinAppSdk, as stated by the developers, since it offers better access to APIs, snappier performance, quicker build times, and other advantages. The support for password-protected archives, improved file selection, additional layout customization options, and other cool new features can all be seen in preview mode right now.

The following modifications are available for testing in the most recent Files preview version:

  • The ability to double-click to access folders in the column layout has been added. The settings dialog’s options have been reorganised to make them easier to find.
  • Support for extracting password-protected archives, several archives at once, and compressed objects have
  • all been added. An extract button has also been added to the toolbar that appears while archives are open in the current tab.
  • An option to automatically select files and folders when hovering over them has been added. When you hover over a drive in the sidebar, a detailed tooltip with information about the drive and storage details appears.
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes the incorrect context menu would appear when right-clicking an object.
  • There is now a choice to specify the default layout mode.
  • Added a menu option to set the default column sizes when right-clicking the details layout header.
  • Reduce the height of the objects even further when utilising compact spacing.

As they work to speed up launch and cut down on the resources the app uses when it is operating, the developers say users should anticipate additional optimizations and enhancements in the future. File Preview can be downloaded from the official website and used concurrently with the stable version available from the Microsoft Store. Those with the relevant expertise can contribute to the project on GitHub because it is open-source.

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