Due to SMS 2FA issues, users are unable to log in to Twitter.

Following Elon Musk’s takeover of the business, Twitter has been the focus of debate, misunderstanding, and occasionally even annoyance for the past two weeks. This time, it concerns two-factor authentication, a crucial component that enables users to access their accounts (2FA).

According to Wired, some Twitter users are unable to log in because they are not receiving the text message code needed for 2FA. Additionally, users are unable to modify their security settings or access their data via Twitter’s access your data tool. The problem might be connected to Monday’s partial shut-down of Twitter’s microservices.

People who have chosen authenticator apps like Microsoft Authenticator may not need to be concerned because these apps continually generate codes that only last for a brief period of time before being regenerated.

After a disagreement on Twitter’s Android app, Elon Musk fired Twitter employee Eric Frohnhoefer on Monday. After Musk tweeted that he wanted to “apologise for Twitter being incredibly slow in many places,” Frohnhoefer responded, “I have spent 6yrs working on Twitter for Android and can state this is false.” This sparked a public thread exchange between the two.

He is let go.

— Elon Musk, November 14, 2022 (@elonmusk)

If the 2FA services were suspended as part of turning off the microservices for the Android app, neither Elon Musk nor Twitter Support have verified it.

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