UK phone companies will be required to recognise and reject hoax calls.

The communications watchdog Ofcom has stated that UK phone operators must find a mechanism to recognise and stop faked calls. According to the article, the new regulations will shield individuals from con artists who use phoney phone numbers. According to Ofcom, 75% of consumers have received shady calls or texts in the last three months.

All telephone networks will be required, under the new regulations, to recognise and reject faked calls where it is technically possible. It stated that phone operators should make sure that numbers adhere to the UK’s 10- or 11-digit format, block calls from numbers on the Ofcom Do Not Originate list, and also prevent calls from outside the UK that spoof UK caller IDs.

After voluntarily implementing these new regulations, TalkTalk has noticed a 65% drop in customer complaints about fraudulent calls. The laws will begin to be enforced in May 2023, giving noncompliant phone providers six months to make the required adjustments. Unfortunately, Ofcom has not yet given specifics regarding the penalties it would impose on businesses that disregard the new rules.

People can already use their phones to block spam calls, even though the change should improve their lives. The Phone app for Android and iOS both allow you to block unauthorised callers so that you are not disturbed.

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