How to enlarge and more clearly see your mouse pointer

I’m Adam, and in the forum you can find me as Warwagon. I’ve been running my own computer repair business for the past 19 years. I regularly interact with the typical computer user as a result of this.

The lowest common denominator is taken into consideration when I deliver information to people. Many people have the idea that techies are the only people who join or visit tech websites. Some folks are merely seeking direction. Because of this, some people may find these tech suggestions to be a little too straightforward, but others find them to be helpful.

Ever struggled to locate your cursor? Finding your mouse pointer might occasionally be difficult on a computer with many displays or a huge screen. Even shaking your mouse back and forth might help you locate the pointer once more.

Simply increasing the size of your mouse pointer will solve this problem and make it simpler to locate.

Windows 11.

  • Click Start,
  • type “mouse,”
  • then click “settings”.
  • Mouse Pointers clicked

You can now choose the type of mouse pointer you prefer. For me, “Inverted” works best because it makes the mouse pointer appear black when it is on a white object and white when it is on a black object.

Drag the bar next to “Size” to the right to enlarge or the left to reduce the size of your mouse.

Simply hit the X in the top right corner of the box to close it when finished.

OS Windows 10

  • To begin,
  • select Mouse.
  • Click change the speed or appearance of the mouse pointer
  • click indicators

Schemes can now be dropped down, and you can choose the mouse pointer you want to use. Again, “Windows inverted (Extra-large)” is a favourite of mine.

After selecting your preferred mouse cursor, click OK.

Microsoft Power Toys

Microsoft provides a free programme called “Microsoft PowerToys” that enhances the functionality of your system. “Find my mouse” is one of the features it offers.

Following installation, it should already be enabled by default, but if not, here’s how to do it.

  • Click start, enter “Powertoys,” and then click OK.
  • Toggle “Mouse Utilities” on.
  • To turn it on or off, click the switch next to “Enable Find my mouse.”

Press the CTRL (Control) key on your keyboard twice to activate it. You will see a circle that indicates where your mouse is located.

The feature is nice, but you might find yourself accidentally activating it quite frequently, which can be very annoying.

Cheers to computing!

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