For Android, Mozilla automatically activates the Total Cookie Protection Firefox feature.

Mozilla is making a significant change that will affect all Firefox users who use Android devices worldwide. On November 15, 2022, a new version of the Android browser (version 107) will go live, with the Total Cookie Protection feature enabled by default. This update will be available along with some bug fixes and improvements.

Since it will be a feature of the Enhanced Tracking Protection setting, Firefox for Android won’t have a separate option to enable Total Cookie Protection. Simply change from the Standard protection mode to the Custom or Strict setting. The function is intended to deter tracking companies from tracking your browsing preferences using cookies.

The business introduced Tracking Protection in 2015, an important anti-tracking measure that allowed users to enable protection by switching to Private Browsing mode. In order to actively protect users rather than relying on them to do so, it later added Enhanced Tracking Protection.

In keeping with this, the business has now made it available to Android users. For each website you visit, a unique “cookie jar” is created by the feature. Therefore, trackers only get to see your behaviour on individual sites rather than being able to link up your behaviour across multiple sites.

This prevents other websites from accessing cookie jars that are not assigned to them and discovering the data those jars contain about you. This lessens the burden of intrusive advertising and the volume of data that businesses gather about you. You receive all necessary tracking protections without having to sacrifice your mobile browsing experience.

Image: Mozilla Blog; source: Mozilla Support via Ghacks

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