A virtual healthcare platform called Amazon Clinic debuts in the United States.

Amazon has established Amazon Clinic, a virtual health service, in an effort to increase access to convenient, inexpensive healthcare and strengthen its position in the healthcare industry.

The business currently operates Amazon Pharmacy, a location where customers can buy prescription drugs through the Amazon online store without having to leave their homes.

Through its collaboration with reputable providers, the new platform known as Amazon Clinic seeks to give individuals access to cheap care for more than 20 common health concerns like allergies, acne, and hair loss. 32 states will have it operating.

Customers who are interested can choose a telehealth provider from the new healthcare shop based on their specific interests. Simply specify your ailment, complete a brief intake form, and use a secure message-based portal to interact with the clinicians. Following the message-based consultation, the doctor can send the patient’s preferred pharmacy a customised treatment plan that includes any required medicines.
Following the initial consultation, the patient will get follow-up communications from the doctor for up to two weeks.

The clinical leadership team at Amazon claims that every telehealth provider listed on Amazon Clinic has undergone stringent clinical quality and client experience assessments.

Last but not least, it emphasises that if the clinical staff at the backend determines that virtual care isn’t the best option for you, they will inform you of this before putting you in contact with a physician.

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