Microsoft adds an Xbox Game Bar capture function as a hold for Windows 11 22H2.

The Xbox Game Bar Capture is related to the new Windows 11 22H2 safety hold that Microsoft installed. Having said that, you might have to wait a bit longer to acquire the most recent Windows 11 OS version update if you still don’t have it and have previously used the app’s capture capability.

Microsoft claimed that after hearing complaints about the feature’s audio and video recordings being out of sync, it made the decision.

Microsoft described the problem as “the Xbox Game Bar app might have issues when the audio is out of sync while capturing gameplay to a video file.” When “Record in the background while I’m playing the game” is turned on in the Xbox Game Bar, you are more likely to experience this problem when using the “Record last 30 seconds” option. This problem may also affect applications that capture or handle video files using the same underlying Windows libraries or APIs as Xbox Game Bar.

Due to the precautionary hold being in place, this condition only impacts users of Windows 11 22H2, however thanks to Microsoft’s October KB5018496 preview update, users who have already installed the upgrade shouldn’t experience any problems. Users of Windows 11 22H2 who are still experiencing Game Bar Capture, according to the Microsoft, must manually install the optional cumulative update. Users of Windows 11 are urged to hold off installing the Windows 11 2022 Update for at least a few more days.

Microsoft stated that the “safeguard hold is anticipated to be lifted in mid-November 2022.” We advise against using the Update now button or the Media Creation Tool to manually upgrade until the problem has been fixed and the safety measure removed.

Windows 11 22H2 is still being refined by Microsoft. Users who first received the update reported experiencing a variety of issues, including issues with Remote Desktop users, NVIDIA GPU performance, freezing Firefox browser, SSL and TSL connection, and decreased copying performance, in addition to the other safety measures the company had previously put in place.

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